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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Verbal Tip

because people don’t care. And rent is still not paid.
I got my first verbal tip when I was nineteen working at private club in South Florida.
This guy made a reservation and asked for the best table because it was his wife’s birthday. He also wanted flowers (that we did not have) on the table. I, being assigned this table, did everything. Got the flowers, changed the linen, polished the silver; the works.
So this guy comes in dressed head to toe in Louie and his wife was probably a model. They order two glasses of Dom then a beautiful Napa Cabernet. They ordered the five course chefs tasting and everything was cooked to perfection.
After each course and glass refill the man complimented me and told me how amazing everything was. I felt confident that I would make the utility bill that night. After about three hours his bill the check totaled at $447 and some change. In my mind that it about a hundred dollar tip.
He whips out his BLACK AMERICAN EXPRESS card (It was a first for me) and I charge the card; knowing full well that it would not be declined. I presented the check, thanked them and invited them back again.
Two minutes later the man and his wife got up, leaving the check presenter on the table. I rushed over to the exit and thanked them once again. The man, I quote, said “Thank you again, darling. You did a great job tonight” smiled and left.
I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I opened the check to find that he had taken both copies of the credit card receipt*; I rushed back to the exit but the valet had already let them into their car. They were gone and I had zilch.

*Legally when a person takes both copies of the credit card receipt the establishment can only authorized it for the amount swipped.

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