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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Last Page

I have this book where I jot down all the open calls for the day when I’m in the job market; which is always it seems.
Well my notebook seems to agree because I’m currently writing about a new upscale restaurant hiring on the last page. THE LAST PAGE. This is a two subject five star notebook. It should never runs out of pages.
As I look through it I notice a lot of the same places are consistently hiring, implying to me (the avid job searcher) that the place is disorganized, horribly managed, lack there of business –so people are always quitting or all the above.
I have one address jotted down four times through out the book, all different interview times and dates and now I’m wondering what the place is called. I should know right? I’ve applied like a bazillion times. But no idea and when I Google it I just get the address, no significant establishment at the lo-cal.
Moments like these put my stomach in knots. Not that I am ALWAYS looking for a job but that people and restaurants are so dispensable in this city (and economy) that I fear WHAT IF I cant get a new job. Or even worse if I’ve been tarnished by this city because of its will-to-work ways that I’ve left just a many as I’ve been invited to stay.

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