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Friday, September 18, 2009

Day Off

My long-term live-in boyfriend is a cook here in the city and works all the time. Hence if I was to see him I have to be up (awake and sober) around three in the morning. I also have to be the mood to coddle and shower him with affection because all day he is berated my Guido or Flamboyant bosses.
It sucks.
Lately I’ve been taking a nap at ten pm and waking up at two in the morning, showering and getting dinner ready. That’s normal right?
Last night I got drunk and couldn’t wait up, instead I woke at noon to him still sleeping. I wake him in a panic, thinking the worst that he got fired and now we’re definitely going to be homeless. He says he has off then rolls back over into his normal grumpy half awake state. You have off? You have a fucken Friday off when for the last eight months it’s been Monday. And you didn’t know this, before like now??
Does this fucken ass realize I’ve quit jobs because they wouldn’t give me his day off? Or that I’ve called out sick, which we all know as a server you don’t make when you ani't there and your spending every second in NYC. Or that I have shit going on today that doesn’t involve you. Ass.
Today was one of the days I had plans. I had off and wanted to go to a couple of comedy clubs (to try out) than have drinks with my girls. But now he’s off. It’s now threeish and he’s just sitting on the couch, smoking my bud, asking me what I want to do today. I tell him and he just stares at me with eyes that say “that sounds stupid” and now I feel I should just sit with him. I’m also broke and really don’t need to go out so I’m perplexed.
He’s also stressed because his restaurant is about to be reviewed. And if you know NYC your review means everything. If you’re good people want to see how good you are; if you suck people want to see just how bad you are. I work at a place where the reviews are a mix which means people don’t trust us and don’t come back. I need a new job.
We’ve decided to order Chinese. And that I’ll pay. You know, because I'm loaded.

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