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Friday, September 18, 2009

Fcuk Um

I have started this blog, like most people, because I’m pissed.
I’m a waitress and have been for my entire working life. I live and breathe to see serve the god for saken assholes of this great nation and hope that they give me a little more than they should so I can pay rent.
It all started last year, on my birthday when Obama was elected. The next day (since I was working at private, pro Republican club in NYC) I, and about 15 others were let go “because I was part time and lack of business” Whatever.
Since then I have jumped from the ghetto club in the Bronx to the Jewish deli in Brooklyn to the Asian restaurant in SoHo; quitting or getting let go sooner than later because of lack of business. I currently have four jobs, all at completely different venues.
So it’s been a year since all the economic troubles began and people have begun going out again. Yay? No. No yay at all. Now all the assholes think that it’s cool to go out, expect four stars service and give a five percent tip. Some are even going to the lengths as to complain the upscale places, get the food they ate and drinks they drank taken off the bill and then tip on the adjusted bill, still leaving about ten percent.
What the fuck people? Don’t you realize that the service industry of NYC is funding the bottom level upward? Don’t you realize that the man who works finance needs to tip his lunch server so that she can go out and tip her bartender that evening? And then the bartender doesn’t get tipped, because he understands and he cant tip out his bar back and it’s a trickle down effect resulting in poorer service because people don’t care. And rent is still not paid.

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