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Friday, September 18, 2009

Liars and Thieves

I hate liars and thieves. Anyone who has worked in a restaurant knows that it’s easy to steal food and alcohol. But why do it when most places provide you with it? Shift meal and drinks are a common practice in my world so I’ve never grasped the idea of stealing entire bottle or raw meats.
I got fired from one of the best bartending gigs (well, at the time) that I ever had because some other bitch decided to steal and blame me. It was an outright lie and I expressed my position so adamantly that the company gave me my job back, only a different restaurant in the company.
So it all worked out, right? No. The other place sucked and was forced to quit because I made zilch and working all the time-also had to buy new clothes for the job and was not reimbursed. Asses.
Moral of the rant: If your going to steal please fess up to it because when you don’t someone else is taking the fall and well, Karma is a bitch, Jackie. J

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