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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today I got fired

So today I went to work....and got fired.

Not because of something I did. No. But because of the inadequate management running my now-past job. It doesn't matter that I have been at the restaurant longer than all the present managers.It doesn't matter that I am one of the slim the trainers for the so called NEW STAFF (more correctly known now as the REPLACEMENTS)
Most important, it apparently doesn't matter to consult the owner/chef in the decision as twenty minutes after I emptied my locker I was left a very concerned voicemail as to when I will be back.

When I will be back? Ugh, to get all pass due cash and paycheck, this week, maybe, why. I called her back. My chef was very concerned as she was not involved in the decision and offered me my job back, kind of. I respectfully said I would LOVE to work for HER but not for them and said we would speak in person later.

I got fired today

Because I wouldn't sign a piece of paper depicting (the managers depiction) of what happened during lunch shift. What happened? Easy. The managers sat a VVVVVIP (apparently) and never told me. Soon I figure out (bc i'm that good) and take care of everything, service to the Tee. Except I didn't know how VIP they were and dropped the check- a check that was already HEAVILY discounted. Without opening the checkbook the host of the party states "I'm not sure we're suppose to have a check...." Stunned at the audacity of some people I took the checkbook and said "I'm so sorry, let me go check on that." And walked away.

I then checked with Chef and confirmed they do not receive a check. I told Chef what I did and tried my hardest to rectify the situation...by going to the table and saying I made a mistake and that they were right and to have an amazing afternoon; they laughed and said its okay. They left a few minutes later, leaving $30 in cash on the table.

I went on break. Came back for dinner shift. Set the entire dinner shift up and then was asked to go into the managers office. Behind closed doors I was bombarded by two managers (who have the total experience at the restaurant of one month together) that I did not follow protocol and that I should know better and to top it off, that they had told me about the VIP and no check. Bullshit. God damn, fucken poppy cock. Liars.

I refused to sign the paper that said I knew not to drop the check. Manager, who I will now openly call DouchePack said "then I have no choice and this choice has not come lightly and this choice to let you go, its not my choice." Ugh, its totally your choice DouchePack.
Standing my ground I looked both him and the silent one who I couldn't really understand anyhow and said if I don't leave this room right now I will say things I will regret. Then I walked out, cleaned my locker out and left.

I'm now home, looking on Criagslist for jobs...loving the idea that I'm going to be off Thanksgiving and really not caring that I'm jobless is the worse economic time since the Depression. Hahaha...


  1. i'm sorry pumpkin.....

  2. Sorry to hear this. I have a Google alert for "fired today" and most of the people who post these things deserve to be fired....but not you. Sounds like you got screwed. Good luck finding a new job. The economy is turning and I bet you'll find a new job soon.

    Boston, MA