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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 May it bring me Health and Wealth

2009 Ended just as it started, uneventful.

Except that I got a black eye and regretted (still am) not going down to MIA for PHiSH with my boys.

I'm also still oh-so-broke. Why you ask? Thought I was going to get a job?

Psshh. I did. I got a job at one of the only remaining busy restaurants in Manhattan. Yeah, I'm that great of a waitress

Yet the training if a week long. Full day. NOT PAID. Yup...forty some odd hours for free. And they say nothing in the world is free...

Apparently my time is. And at such great timing, ya know with rent needing to be paid and ConEd not being my friends, then Cable wants their share and the Credit card....and well Health insurance lasped and now I'm so scared of getting hurt or sick that I've become a walking klutz hurting myself every possible way.

Today I (almost) fell down three stairs to catch the D train at Bryant Park but scrambled myself together not realizing I twisted my left ankle until it began throbbing between 7th ave and 59th street. I also jammed my big toe on the right foot and cut it (somehow).

It sucks to be a waitress, who's not being paid with sore feet.

Hopefully next week I'll make tips...

...but just in case, tomorrow I'm going to apply for food stamps and medicaid. Thankyou President Obama for making that possible.

On Side note. The Phish shows. My NYE sucked so hard that I almost cried- no, I did- when I receieved audios from the fourshows. MSG was amazing but AAA is one sick arena and it was New Years. The 10 anniveristy of Big Cypress (my first PHiSH show/festival) and I miss my friends. Espeically NPW. And Pretty Lady, my mom.